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Why Thongs Could Be Bad For Your Health, And Other Underwear Facts

Nov 21, 2017

For most of us, choosing our underwear in the morning is just putting your hands in a drawer. However, this simple behavior has a health effect and should be suspended. For example, do you know that you should have a pair of designated sports underwear? Or thongs may make you infected with the risk of infection?

1. You should choose your exercise undies carefully. 

It’s time to invest in a pair of workout panties. 

Yes, we know it’s frustrating to buy even more underwear. But wearing your lacy thongs straight from the office to the gym could put you at risk for infection.

First off, it’s important to wear breathable undies during your workout. Opt for Lycra or cotton instead of lace or satin ― the latter trap moisture, which could lead to a yeast infection. Secondly, skip the thongs. While they’re a great way to avoid panty lines in yoga pants, thongs can bring E.coli from your rear up to the front as you move. Say bye-bye to UTIs and check out some seamless and hip-hugger styles here.

2. Going to bed commando may be the way to go. 

Do we really need to aerate our nether regions as we sleep? Survey says: maybe.

In general, women don’t need to sleep in the nude. But for women who suffer from vaginal inflammation, vulvitis, vaginitis or yeast infections, sleeping without underwear may help. Bacteria thrive in dark, warm, wet areas, making your underwear an ideal home. Stripping down allows everything to breathe and air out.

3. That said, you should still wear underwear during the day.

“No underwear causes a whole host of other problems, particularly because clothing doesn’t tend to have a liner,” Dr. Raquel B. Dardik told Grandparents.com. “For one, if you’re wearing pants, the seam sits right in the vulval area and will constantly be rubbing the area. If you are wearing dresses or skirts, there’s nothing there to absorb vaginal moisture.”