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Mar 22, 2019

Modal Fabric: "Modal" is actually the trademark name of the fabric, for the "regenerated cellulose" fiber. Compared with other fabrics, regenerated cellulose fibers are softer, stronger and tougher, and have higher moisture absorption and perspiration capacity than pure cotton products.

Take the most famous regenerated cellulose fiber brand "Lanjing Modal" for example, its fiber fineness is only 1 dtex, while cotton fiber fineness is 1.5-2.5 dtex, silk fineness is 1.3 dtex, which shows that it is more compact and soft; Modal dry strength index is 35.6 cn, ordinary cotton dry strength index is 25.6 cn, its strength is much higher than pure cotton and polyester cotton, so it is more suitable for wearing. In addition, the moisture absorption and sweating capacity of Modal is 50% higher than that of cotton fiber, which makes its fabric keep dry and breathable, and is conducive to the physiological cycle and health of the human body. Modal is a pure natural fiber, drawn from European shrubs. David archy's men's underwear experts recommend that consumers who have strict requirements for underwear, especially comfort, buy Modal underwear.