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Lycra (Lycra) Fabric Of Knowledge!

Jan 23, 2017

Lycra is the United States du Pont launched new fibers, at present, as long as they are using a Lycra garment hangs with a triangle tag, this tag is also a symbol of high quality. So, Lycra advantage where is it? according to the qualities of DuPont company description, Lycra and traditional elastic fiber is that it's stretching up to 500%, and returns intact. That is, the fibers can easily be stretched, reply but clung to the body surface, binding on the human body is very small. Lycra fibers can be used with any fabric, including wool, linen, silk and cotton to increase the material next to the skin, elastic and loose natural characteristics, activities more flexible. And unlike most Lycra and spandex, it has a special chemical structure, in the wet in wet-heat seal space will not mildew.

So, the Leica was called "friendly" fiber, not only because it can completely with natural and synthetic fibers together, and can also increase the comfort of fabric or clothing, corsets, exercise freely and service life.

Lycra (LYCRA), is the exclusive DuPont produced a synthetic elastic fibers, are free to stretch 4 to 7 times, and after the external release, quick to respond to its original length. It cannot be used alone, and any other natural or synthetic fiber interwoven. It does not change the appearance of the fabric, is a kind of invisible fibers, can greatly improve the performance of fabrics. Leica has superior extensibility. For knitwear, and multiple extended it is decided by the fabric itself, stretching back from Lycra elastic. It is woven into the fabric of Lycra is malleable in the direction, such as warp (straight line) and weft (horizontal line). Benefited from a pair of trousers that the debate on flexibility, and bi-directional elastic fabric with Lycra in both directions provide great comfort and free movement. Therefore, in trousers, jackets, women's clothing include Lycra, folds can be easily automated response, more scoop Plaza and less deformation, clever and easily, feel free to the new body. Even tightly produced suits, jackets and so on, has not the slightest sense of urgency and cramped, t-shirts, pants, knitted fabrics, such as adding a little Lycra underwear, bodybuilding, fit and comfortable, worn stretch freely, keep moving.

Leica scope very wide, can add extra comfort to all types of garments, including underwear, custom jackets, suits, skirts, trousers, knitwear, and so on. It greatly improved the fabric softness, drapability and crease capacity, improves the comfort and fit of clothing, all kinds of clothing to show new vitality, especially in DuPont and the common development of the international wool secretariat of Lycra and wool blended material. 20 century and the 21st century the textile industry with a completely new concept.