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Buying Clothes For The Baby Tips

Jan 23, 2017

General knowledge of clothing

If the description of the clothing sizes, be sure to ensure that children can use at least 2 months time. Slightly older children won't care about clothes, actually slightly larger clothes more appropriate, because children will grow up in a very short time.

Buy washing and dyeing clothes.

Make sure you buy the dress does not affect the use of diapers, diapers don't have to take off a lot of clothes. Buy loose towel Leotard, to spend in front of the crotch or crotch with metal buttons.

Over a period of time after the baby is born, it is best to wear gowns, so that when you change one to lift up the clothes, you can.

Best there is wide open in front of clothing or clothing with open collar, because kids don't like having something to cover your face.

Open in front to dress, wear off, not turned over to the child.

Materials should be soft and comfortable clothes, stitching not hard. Before you buy, check the size of the neckline and waistline. When to buy baby wipes for children, it is best to buy cotton, or wool flannel, if purchasing cloth, make sure the texture is soft and comfortable.

Buy less flammable clothing.

Not buying clothes with lace, children may put your hands to the hole.

Should not be purchased in white and white clothes clean. Children like to wear bright clothes or soft-colored traditional clothing.

If you give a child to buy a hat, make sure you have straps that, if there is no tape, be sure to tape the seams. Most of the children do not like to wear a hat, if there are no straps to fasten, children are pulled out of the hat.

Collar behind the clothing with metal buttons for a longer time. When clothes become hours, behind the metal buttons can not, then we can through the head.

Other clothes

Most need to buy clothes according to their own economic situation and personal tastes may be. Children do not necessarily have to wear a dress, however, does have some clothes for the baby. For example, in the summer, is the most appropriate clothing should be cotton t-shirts and shorts, or other cotton clothing. In winter, the best clothing is sportswear, and cheesecloth, instead of the jumpsuit. When a child is walking, children's clothing children's safety must be guaranteed, the knee should thicken. Same as before, the child's clothes to ensure convenience when changing diapers. Because the child is crawling now, he won't lie quietly, so clothing must be washed easily.

Pay attention to the size of the pants leg, neckline and cuffs, plan next time I buy a dress size. You may soon be able to learn to measure the size of children's clothes, if you are know what size to buy clothes, you'd better buy clothes at children's height and weight standards, instead of buying clothes at the age of the child. Different countries have different standards of dress size, so unclear if local clothing size standard, be sure to ask the salesperson to ask. If the exact size of the not clothes, make sure to ask about clothes can be replaced.

Sleepwear and lingerie

At the beginning, there is no need to distinguish between day and night clothes, pajamas are the most suitable catsuit. As children get older, kids wear Pajamas to bed very comfortable. If the weather is cold, baby sleeping bag is better, can prevent children stared.

If you give kids pullovers, must pay attention to the neckline bigger, so easy to wear off. Bright color clothing patterns.