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Advantages Of Lycra In Clothing

Jan 23, 2017

1, very flexible and easy to deformation

Lycra can enhance the elastic fabric, which can be used in conjunction with a variety of different fiber, either natural or synthetic fiber, which is going to change the look and feel of the fabric. Wool + cotton fabric is not only good, but has a better shape, shape retention, drape and washed, worn, cotton + Lycra cotton not only the advantages of comfortable, breathable, and also takes into account the cotton does not have good flexibility, difficult deformation characteristics, making the fabric more close-fitting, fitting, soft and comfortable. Lycra clothing adds a unique advantage: personal comfort, movement and will be kept unchanged.

2, can use any fabric Lycra

Lycra can be used for cotton knitted fabric, double sided fleece fabric, silk Poplin, nylon fabric and cotton cloth and different.

3, comfort of Lycra

In recent years, the fashion-loving people on the city's busy and competitive chokes, their daily clothes that go along with them, and in keeping the dressing appropriately at the same time, unity of needs and comfort. And Lycra clothing, has the characteristics of comfort and fit, movement, met the needs of people in contemporary society to dress clothing.