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Why men's underwear is yellow?

Dec 23, 2019

Why men's underwear is yellow?

1, secretion fluid pollution

After puberty, men's endocrine is strong, and the sweat glands and penis secretions in their crotch areas increase greatly. As a result, mixed pollution of urine (residual), sweat and penile secretions (sexual excretion and residual semen) is formed in underwear.

2, more blood bilirubin

Any cause of increased blood bilirubin can cause an increase in the amount of yellow pigment in the secretions and sweat, leaving a yellow mark on the undergarments.

3.The scrotum is too wet

According to Chinese medicine, moisture is too heavy. Some men's underwear is always wet, which may be scrotal eczema. It shows that the scrotum is always tidey and slightly itchy.

The above is the correct cleaning method for men's underwear. Men should choose soap when washing their underwear. After washing, they should be dried in the shade and then disinfected in the sun. It is better to wash underwear by hand. That's all for everyone. Hope that can help everyone.