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Why are women's underwear mostly triangular and men's mostly boxer?

Dec 26, 2019

Why are women's underwear mostly triangular and men's mostly boxer?

Because men generally need more loose underwear, so as to ensure that the sexual organs can relax well and not cause insufficient blood supply due to over-tightening. For example, the skin of the scrotum can relax according to temperature changes. When the temperature is high, it will become loose and not close to the body. When the temperature is low, it will shrink to ensure the temperature. If it is too tight briefs will affect.

And why are women more briefs? In fact, strictly speaking, briefs are the basic type of underwear. Boxers were developed for the scientific protection of male sexual organs. For women, first of all, there is no male genital problem, and secondly, this shape is to facilitate the placement of the pads. Due to the different physiological structure, boxer underwear is more comfortable for boys and will not hold the boys' goods too tightly.

The briefs and panties are more snug and comfortable for girls, but when you are in those days of the month, you should wear a boxer to facilitate carrying special documents. Choose what you like according to your own preferences. There are many types, such as fabrics, modal bamboo charcoal, cotton, lycra, imitation leather, triangles, T pants, C pants, and so on. The briefs are tight, and the edges directly contact the thigh roots. If summer Sweating more, it is easy to grow ringworm on the thighs and protect long mules. The boxer pants are more loose, which can relieve the pressure on the bottom of the buttocks. It will not have a noticeable edge stripe on the panties, and it will also reduce the sense of restraint and friction. It can keep the air flowing and is more suitable for men. But it is worth noting that one should not pursue looseness, too loose underwear will lose its original meaning and lose the role of protecting the genitals.

In the design of boxer briefs, the mouth of the pants will be moved down to keep the hips flowing smoothly, and will not cause panties marks. The seamless design will not make you feel awkward because of the current underwear. In addition, boxer underwear is also more suitable for sports wear, which can protect the upper leg muscles.

Men seem to be accustomed to the careless life. Underpants are also worn casually, while girls are different. They treat life more carefully and choose underwear from various aspects such as style, feel and color to achieve the most comfortable state. . To texture, a little panties, don't look at just a piece of cloth, but it is your closest and most close friend!