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Which format is best for custom T-shirts?

Dec 31, 2019

Which format is best for custom T-shirts

First of all, no matter what format is used, choose a higher pixel (such as 300DPI) for the picture, because the resolution of the picture itself is one of the core factors that affect the printing effect!

Bitmaps and vector graphics are two major concepts in computer graphics. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the advantages of the two are almost irreplaceable! The advantage of bitmaps is that the color changes are rich, and you can change any shape. The color display effect of the area; the advantage of the vector is that the shape of the outline is easier to modify and control, but for individual objects, the implementation of color changes is not as convenient and straightforward as the bitmap. Vector graphics can be easily converted into bitmaps, but the conversion of bitmaps into vector graphics is not simple. It often requires more complicated calculations and manual adjustments. In fact, most clothing design patterns must use the AI format! So what kind of format to use depends on your actual printing needs. If your pattern is just a simple accumulation of color blocks, it is best to use Ai or CDR format, because the fill color of AI or CDR format is more pure; if it is multicolor For blending and gradation, it is necessary to use PSD format!