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What kind of men's underwear is cooler in summer?

Sep 20, 2019

What kind of men's underwear is cooler in summer?

Common underwear fabrics mainly include pure cotton, chemical fiber, nylon, Modal and other categories.

Pure cotton itself does not irritate the skin, absorbs moisture and sweat, but it has poor air permeability and is not easy to dry. It is easy to appear redness and itching in long-term wear of skin.

Chemical fibers are made of a certain proportion of cotton and chemical fibers. They are cheap, have poor air permeability and irritate the skin.

Nylon fabrics have good elasticity and feel good when worn, but they also have the disadvantages of poor air permeability and easy to generate static electricity.

Modal is comfortable, dry, good drape, bright and lasting color

Many underwear are made of a variety of materials.

In summer, it is recommended to wear underwear with low cotton content, or choose Modal underwear. In thickness, choose thinner.

 Modal underwear