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What is the most important thing about buying men's underwear?

Sep 21, 2019

What is the most important thing about buying men's underwear?

1. Male underwear should not be too tight

In addition to color and texture, men should not choose too tight or airtight men's underwear, in order to avoid excessive friction between testicles and thighs, and pants, or lead to increased testicle temperature, which affects sperm production or quality.

2. Men's underwear should be carefully washed and aired

New men's underwear should be ironed with boiling water before wearing, to remove harmful substances that may remain on men's underwear. If you wash men's underwear with a washing machine, it's best to put it in a laundry bag and avoid washing it the same as socks. If hand washing is not too hard, do not add bleach or disinfectant, otherwise it will easily damage the material of men's underwear. When airing men's underwear, it's better to lay it flat and air it, so that men's underwear can fully contact with the sunshine, and turn over men's underwear after a period of time, so that men's underwear can be fully irradiated by the sunshine, playing a bactericidal role. Also try not to use the dryer.

3. The more natural the color of men's underwear, the better

Male experts say that maintaining reproductive health begins with choosing a good pair of men's underwear and wearing them correctly. When choosing men's underwear, we should consider many aspects. From the color point of view, men's underwear is the best choice of natural color. Dark men's underwear dye is somewhat toxic; too white men's underwear is also suspected of excessive bleaching, chemicals and skin contact may be absorbed. Natural men's underwear is therefore much safer.

4. Keep cotton men's underwear dry

In China, most men are accustomed to wearing cotton men's underwear. However, experts point out that for those who are prone to sweating, especially for men who often drive, cotton men's underwear is not easy to dry though they absorb sweat, and skin contact with wet clothing for a long time is prone to swelling, itching, rash or scrotal eczema. Therefore, if you want to wear pure cotton underwear, it is very important to keep men's underwear dry. Is that not a good answer? Eighty cents is so hard to get. They have answered dozens of questions.

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