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What is T-shirt fabric?

Dec 17, 2019

What is T-shirt fabric?

Pure cotton

First of all, let's talk about the T-shirts made of pure cotton. Most of the shopping guides will tell you that their T-shirts are made of pure cotton, including the word "pure cotton" which is also indicated by some treasure. Then whether it's true or not, we only need to know the shortcomings of pure cotton t-shirts to verify it. It's easy to wrinkle, as we all know, in fact, it's easy to shrink! If we achieve these two points, we can admit that what the businessmen say is true

Of course, it has many advantages. It has good skin affinity, air permeability and moisture absorption. If you don't pursue the brand, then the pure cotton T-shirt should be the most cost-effective choice in the ordinary budget,

Polyester cotton

This should be very common, it is not easy to deform and wrinkle, the hand feel of the fabric is hard, the comfort is not as good as pure cotton, but it is also soft and thick. If it's 65% cotton T-shirt fabric, it's acceptable, but if it's 35% cotton, don't ask for it. It's uncomfortable and pilling. Why waste money~

Combed cotton

There are a lot of T-shirts that are pure cotton, but the fabric is marked with combed cotton, including a lot of socks. In fact, there is no problem, because it is a kind of pure cotton. In fact, we don't know much about the technology, but we need to know that it is better than ordinary cotton. It can make T-shirt more high-end texture, softer, more comfortable, more washable and durable, and also has a certain gloss,

Mercerized cotton

In fact, it is also a pure cotton, but it adds a mercerizing process, the specific treatment method will not be mentioned. But the fabric treated in this way not only contains the characteristics of ordinary pure cotton T-shirt, but also has better hand feel, higher comfort, and improved luster, which is not easy to wrinkle or deform. It can be said that it is a noble in cotton~

Cotton and linen

It should be known that cotton linen T-shirt is cooler than pure cotton T-shirt in high temperature summer, because its heat dissipation is five times that of wool! It has good air permeability, no pilling, anti-static, skin friendly and other advantages. And radiation protection! Research shows that only 20% flax can prevent 80% radiation. So it's very suitable for white-collar workers, pregnant or ready to give birth to women and unborn men. Of course, you can start with those who like to play with mobile phones and computers.


Modale fabric should be no stranger, its comfort is really high ~ the fabric is particularly soft and smooth, the cloth surface is also bright, it is a kind of natural mercerized fabric ~ but there are a few people are not suitable for use, because although it does not have any harmful substances, but because it is chemical fiber processing, it may be allergic to a few constitution. Moreover, this kind of fabric can pursue comfort, but it is easy to deform~


It's rarely heard, but I'll tell you what it's like. It's very elastic, static free and comfortable. Compared with the T-shirt of ordinary fabric, its crease is easy to recover and especially highlights the figure. It not only retains the advantages of cotton, but also improves the inelasticity and deformation of pure cotton, that is, it is easy to fade in the sun.