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What is T-shirt?

Dec 16, 2019

What is T-shirt?

T-shirt, also known as T-shirt, originated in the United States; because it is suitable for men, women, old and young, it soon became popular all over the world.

Chinese name T-shirt foreign name T-shirt originated in the United States, also known as cultural shirt, T-shirt

Also known as cultural shirt, T-shirt. Decorated with a specific pattern or text, round neck, short sleeve, mostly knitted cotton. T-shirt is a transliteration of "T-shirt" with the English letter "t" reserved. Perhaps, T-shirt has penetrated into people's daily life too deeply. This mixed Chinese and English word doesn't sound so exotic.

White T-shirt is a kind of underwear. In 1951, Marlon Brando appeared in a Streetcar Named Desire produced by Hollywood DreamWorks in a tight white T-shirt. The T-shirt with a little rough manliness and a bad smile made the T-shirt stand out suddenly. Other Hollywood stars such as James Dean and art Carney have also made T-shirts more attractive.

T-shirts used to belong to the poor and were seen as a symbol of the proletariat. Gradually it was accepted by the middle class. T-shirts play a leading role in the fashion of street clothes. T-shirt design and text can be printed as long as you can think of it. Humor, self mockery, satire, outrageous desire and unrestrained mood are all used to vent.

T-shirts have also been favoured by political activists. There is no clothing like T-shirt that can clearly express their views and positions. In 1973, "women's Wear Daily" published an article calling T-shirt the chief spokesperson of anti culture in that year. But it has also been pointedly pointed out that attempts to achieve political goals with the T-shirt program are too trivial. He wrote sarcastically, "how can you expect people to listen to your T-shirt if they don't listen?"? "

In any case, the symbolic significance of T-shirt anti-traditional, anti institutional and anti-cultural has faded, and it appears in every corner of the world as a casual wear. T-shirt is not out of fashion in a suit. It's a natural partner with jeans. You can't count what a T-shirt can match, but you can only say what it can't match. T-shirt is popular, full of the atmosphere of civilians. Most of the actors in 1998 used it as costumes. T-shirt is the most fashionable. Cdvin Klein and Ralph Lauren have repeatedly advertised T-shirt male models. Girls with hair dyed and shoes in g-shop watch also like to wear a short and tight psychedelic T-shirt.