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Underwear color

Dec 06, 2019

Underwear color

Let's talk about the common color of underwear. The man who chooses the traditional black and white gray is a modern new man who transcends the level, has a world view, is polite and deserves the name. Self confidence, such people are the most attractive and shocking. But don't be overconfident. It's easy to be unreasonable and oppressive, and it's easy to be arrogant and negative.

If you are a supporter of red men's underpants, it means you are a hot man. You have abundant energy, incomparable enthusiasm, and compassion that ordinary men lack. Therefore, as your friend, you are the happiest person in the world. At the same time, red strongly dominates this kind of men's sexual desire. If there is no restriction of morality and self-control, it's easy to form a bohemian view of love. It is suggested that men who like red underpants can learn the philosophy of "think twice before you act", learn from the past when they meet another relationship at the end of a relationship, and treat their hard won partner kindly.

The man who prefers blue underpants is conservative, introverted and practical. For people and things, always keep careful words and deeds, and be good at hiding their feelings, live a serious and self disciplined life, in the eyes of friends, is a good friend to rely on. A man with a blue personality is always shy of expressing his love. Being dumb and wordless is what your partner gives you. However, careful consideration and care are the main reason why you attract her and you for a long time.

The men who like the energetic printing underpants or cartoon underpants most often have a cheerful and lively personality and a sense of humor. With him you will always be a child. Printed underpants create a romantic and gentle atmosphere full of elegant poetry. It also shows the enthusiasm of young men in free and easy sex