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Tips for men's underwear selection

Dec 12, 2019

Tips for men's underwear selection

There is a trend of comeback in boxer pants in the market today. Few men think that boxer pants can reduce restraint and friction compared with briefs, and keep their legs open. Choose wide pants legs to make them open and refreshing. There is no difference between wide slacks and wide slacks. If you want to choose boxer pants, try to fit into suit pants, it will appear bloated legs. Thick people should try to avoid wearing such style bottoms, because although there is improved boxer cotton in the market The hem of the knitted trousers is wrapped and the legs are still slightly tight

The design concept of women's underpants: high vents are used to decorate the legs, making the legs appear longer. The starting point of high vents in men's underpants is actually sexy. For men with thick legs, it's recommended that people with extremely thick legs choose full high vents underpants. In addition, there are half high vents underpants on the market, which are wrong for men who are used to wearing full high vents

For those who are prone to perspiration, pure cotton clothes may not be a good choice, especially for those who drive a lot and have a sweaty back. Because pure cotton underpants are not good for men's health, although they absorb sweat and are easy to dry. In fact, the key parts of multi fabric underpants on the market today are all padded with pure cotton. It's also comfortable to suggest that men should only limit themselves to cotton underwear, considering the material: to avoid sticky feeling, choose fast drying South Korean silk fabric absorbs water, feels smooth, and a kind of modal fabric is very comfortable. It's similar to cotton texture. It absorbs and releases water 50% faster than pure cotton. Ask the shop assistant when you buy it

Shopping Tips

Pay attention to check whether the line of the key parts of the manual is smooth and smooth when purchasing

Wear of men's underpants mainly depends on the friction between the key parts and the zipper of pants to avoid long-term immersion in washing powder and prolong the service life