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Should I wear boxers?

Dec 04, 2019

Should I wear boxers?

The findings provide simple advice for men who plan to have children, the researchers said. According to a statement by Lidia Minguez Alarcon, a research scientist at the Chen Zengxi School of public health at Harvard University, the study's author, the results show that when men and their wives plan to conceive, they can make some changes by making relatively easy choices.

However, other experts said they would not advise men to wear boxers' boxers. Weijie said that she was satisfied with the research, but I don't know if I should suggest switching based on the research. When men have difficulties in breeding offspring, we hope there are other methods to intervene, which are supported by some more important scientific theories and data.

Dr. Michael Eisenberg, director of male reproductive medicine at Stanford University School of medicine, agrees: "I usually recommend that men choose the most comfortable underwear, but if they feel that one kind of underwear is hotter and tighter, the other may be more suitable for them."

Nevertheless, Eisenberg said that if the results of other studies are consistent with this latest study, then I think it is necessary to discuss this issue with all male patients and draw their high attention. In 2016, Eisenberg and colleagues conducted a study of 500 men, and found that no matter what type of underpants men wear, couples get pregnant almost the same time.

Equally important, the study did not consider factors that might affect testicular temperature, such as the type of underpants fabric, or whether men wear tight clothing, the researchers noted. Eisenberg said that if men have difficulties with pregnancy and childbearing, they should go to a doctor to assess the risk factors of childbearing problems.