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Men's underwear style:

Dec 06, 2019

Men's underwear style:

With the exception of wearing nothing, boxer is the most baggy panties you can find. At that time, the Western otaku men liked to hold a big coke, chew French fries, wear a pair of boxer shorts and watch the talk show on the sofa. Because this kind of shorts is really into the kitchen and out of the hall, so it has the dual functions of underwear and pajamas. Now, however, it has been gradually abandoned by urban men who pay more attention to image and quality of life.

It's not suitable to wear boxers when doing sports. In addition to its looseness, it can't provide necessary sports protection for important parts, and the extra fabric will also affect the freedom and comfort of sports. But it's worth mentioning that boxer is the only underwear that can be customized, and the brand specially provides the service of embroidering your name.

Briefs are a common style. Men who like the standard pants are usually conservative and not good at adapting to the changing image. Its basic form is white or black and white, which is the most popular combination. Because of its tight design, it is not easy to heat and sweat, so it is rejected by some people.

But for some people, triangle underpants are their first choice. For example, men with varicocele need to choose triangle underpants, and it's better to be tight in the crotch, which can reduce the pressure of venous return.