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Men's underwear selection - 10 suggestions from experts

Dec 13, 2019

Men's underwear selection - 10 suggestions from experts

1. To go to work, it's better to fit the four corner underwear or T-shaped underpants, which can "match" with the trousers or jeans that are most often worn at work.

2. At home, loose flat trousers should be the first choice. The advantage is that the sex organs tightly pressed in the trousers can move freely. The best way to hang out is T-shaped underpants, which can reduce the friction of sexual organs caused by large amount of activity (such as long distance walking).

3. When exercising, it is better to use the sports shorts with good air permeability or the tights with close fitting and air permeability, which are similar to the swimming trunks. The aim is to minimize friction between the thighs, crotch and sexual organs. In addition, the underpants specially designed for athletes are also good. They are characterized by a three-dimensional triangular cup for supporting the sexual organs, and a elastic one for supporting the buttocks on the left and right, which can make your buttocks more masculine.

4. For business trip or travel, disposable paper or cotton underwear is the best choice. In addition, general white underwear can also be considered.

5. It is preferred to sleep in boxers or flat pants, or sports shorts with mesh design.

6. Those who are fat and sweaty, especially those who drive by themselves, should not wear pure cotton underpants frequently. They should choose fabrics that feel smooth, sweat absorbing and easy to dry (such as Korean silk fabric). If necessary, underpants with pure cotton backing at key parts should be used to avoid the feeling of greasy. In addition, a kind of fabric called modale has a comfortable hand feel, which is quite similar to the texture of pure cotton, and the speed of absorbing and releasing water is 50% higher than that of ordinary pure cotton, which is also worth recommending.

7. Men with thick legs are suitable for wearing high fork briefs, which can make their legs appear more slender.