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Men's Underwear Fabric

Jan 10, 2019

Men's underwear fabrics include cotton, modal, bamboo fiber, Lycra, nylon, Coolmax (breathing fiber), MERYL and so on.

Cotton fabric: cotton underwear has strong moisture absorption but weak wettability (not easy to dry). The skin is exposed to wet clothes for a long time, which is prone to redness, itching, sputum or scrotal eczema and dermatitis. Therefore, if you want to wear cotton underwear, you should ensure the dryness of the underwear, men who are prone to sweating and men who drive often are not suitable for wearing underwear with excessive cotton content. At the same time, the elasticity of cotton is weak, and the fit of cotton underwear is greatly affected (improper wearing can easily affect the normal development of adolescent genital organs), so cotton underwear should be added with 5~10% spandex (top spandex such as DuPont) As a supplementary material, the "Leica") enhances the elasticity of the underpants and enhances the fit. Davidarchy men's underwear experts recommend that skin-sensitive and sweat-free consumers choose combed cotton panties with spandex.

Tactel (Nylon 66): Tactel is a high-quality nylon fiber produced by DuPont of the United States, referred to as nylon. Nylon makes the fabric soft and comfortable, and its good hygroscopicity balances the humidity difference between the air and the body, thus reducing the pressure on the body and adjusting the effect. Particularly lightweight and easy to maintain. Machine washable, drying time is three times faster than cotton, only need to be slightly hot or hot, not easy to deform, with significant anti-wrinkle ability.

Modal fabric: "Modal" is actually the trade name of the fabric, which is "regenerated cellulose" fiber. Regenerated cellulose fibers are softer than other fabrics, and have better strength and toughness, and have significantly higher moisture wicking ability than pure cotton products.

Take the most famous regenerated cellulose fiber brand “Lanjing Modal” as an example, the fiber fineness is only 1dtex, while the fineness of cotton fiber is 1.5-2.5dtex, and the fineness of silk is 1.3dtex, which shows that it is more compact. Soft; modal dry strength index is 35.6cn, ordinary cotton dry strength index is 25.6cn, its strength is much higher than pure cotton, polyester cotton, so it is more close to wear. In addition, Modal's moisture wicking ability is 50% higher than that of cotton fiber, which makes the fabric dry and breathable, which is beneficial to the physiological cycle and health of the human body. Modal is a pure natural fiber derived from the European bush. Davidarchy men's underwear experts recommend modal dress panties for consumers who have strict requirements for underwear, especially those who care about comfort.

Lycra (Leica): It is a kind of artificial elastic fiber that DuPont Company invented and produced. It can be stretched 4~7 times freely and quickly return to its original length after the external force is released. It cannot be used alone and can be interwoven with any other artificial or natural fiber.

Bamboo fiber fabric: More and more popular underwear fabrics, well-known bamboo fiber brands mainly have "Tianzhu bamboo fiber". Many underwear brands at home and abroad, such as Davidarchy, have chosen Tianzhu Bamboo Fiber as the main product fabric. Tianzhu Bamboo Fiber is a pure natural fabric, and the raw material is extracted from natural bamboo. In addition to fiber fineness, dry strength index, moisture wicking ability is higher than ordinary cotton fabric, it also has natural antibacterial, antibacterial, antimony, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet function: bamboo fiber antibacterial The substance has the effect of deodorizing and odor removal for the close-fitting clothes, and has a particularly outstanding antibacterial ability. The sterilization rate of bamboo fiber in the 12 hours is 63-92.8%. Bamboo fiber has a UV transmittance of 6 parts per million, and its UV resistance is 41.7 times that of cotton. At the same time, bamboo fiber does not have any free charge, antistatic, and itching.

Coolmax (Respiratory Fiber): DuPont's high-tech fiber COOLMAX is a four-pipe fiber that quickly directs sweat and moisture away from the skin's surface and disperses it in all directions, allowing sweat to evaporate faster and keeping the skin dry and comfortable at all times. Then the body sweats, and the skin surface and clothing do not leave sweat. Long-lasting, refreshing and breathable, it is cool in winter and cool in summer. The fabric is also easy to wash, not deformed after washing, easy to dry, light and soft fabric, no ironing and other characteristics, is the world's best designer sports underwear preferred fabric.

Meryl: Magical comfort fabric with natural color change effect, extremely soft touch, comfortable and comfortable elasticity, good hygroscopicity and UV protection.

ELITE: Naturally elastic fabric with good natural elasticity and soft hand.

ICESTAR: icy moisture-absorbing fabric, which utilizes the hydrophilic properties of EVOH, can effectively absorb moisture and cool down to make the fabric cool. The unique structure of the yarn makes the fabric close, natural and soft.