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Men's Underwear Classification

Jan 10, 2019

Briefs - high waist briefs and low waist briefs. It is a priority for people with thick legs, and it can also make the legs more slender. Low-waist briefs are more sexy than high-waist briefs.

Bullet trousers - The name of the bullet trousers is derived from BVD, because the shape of the BVD panty package was originally designed into the shape of a bullet, becoming the general name of the male triangle underwear. The crotch of the bullet pants is more like the shape of a bullet, as the name suggests. The advantages of wearing bullet pants can highlight the tangible male genitals.

Boxer pants - people who are too thick or too thin are not suitable for wearing. But most people choose this type of underwear.

Four-corner tights - the combination of the advantages of briefs and short-leg panties, the emergence of tight-fitting boxing boxers, style is simple and eye-catching, become the symbol of the Sunshine boy. Wearing thin or tight-fitting points will leave the pants without traces of underwear;

Thongs - Thongs are divided into single and double. There is only one line in the back crotch that is designed to be single, and people who are not used to it will feel uncomfortable. There are two straps that are fixed on both sides of the buttocks. They are double trousers. The biggest advantage of these two styles is that they have excellent breathability and can adapt to any strenuous exercise of the wearer. At the same time, they will not leave traces when wearing tight pants. Fashion male favorite.

Tight-fitting long-legged panties - The length of the trousers reaches the center of the thigh, and the effect of the trousers is beneficial to the tightness of the thigh muscles and shaping the body shape.

Four-corner loose underwear - the length of the trousers reaches the upper part of the thigh, mostly cotton texture, loose and inelastic, generally has a front buckle, because it does not wrap the hip and leg pressure, it is very popular with obese people and the elderly.

Sexy underwear - no matter what the size of the person, wearing sexy underwear, will make your housework a lot of fun. Sexy lingerie is a kind of expression of love, letting love enter a state of intoxication and romance. It represents a kind of romance and fun, and life needs these to embellish.