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Men in boxers had more sperm than those in briefs

Dec 04, 2019

For men, the choice between boxers and briefs may not only be for comfort, but also directly affect their sperm health, according to a new study.

The study, which tested more than 600 people, found that men in boxers had more sperm than those in briefs. The findings suggest that tight underwear may seriously affect sperm quality. The study was published in the August 8 issue of the journal human reproduction.

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However, the study did not consider the effect of changing the type of underpants on sperm count or whether men wearing tight underpants reduced the probability of having offspring. Although experts agree with the concept, they also stress that a decrease in sperm count does not always mean low fertility, especially because sperm count is highly variable.

Dr Sarah Vij, a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic who was not involved in the study, said: "the number of sperm in men changes a lot every week." He admitted that many studies on male fertility involve sperm count analysis, because it is easier to study sperm count than pregnancy rate, but even if one study found that something is related to lower sperm count, does this really mean reducing pregnancy ability? In our research field, we are always striving to achieve this leap.