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How to wash men's underwear?

Dec 23, 2019

How to wash men's underwear

1. It is recommended that you change your underwear every day. When you take a shower, wash your underwear together and put them on the balcony to dry. Do not wash it every few days, as this will cause bacteria.

2. It is better to wash the underwear by hand. If you put it in the washing machine, there will be some other clothes inside, and there will be other bacteria on the underwear.

And hand washing is cleaner, it only takes two minutes to clean it. Do not use bath soap, use special laundry soap to clean it.

3. Wash the underwear and avoid direct exposure. Should be dried in a cool place before disinfection in the sun. Otherwise, the underwear is easily hardened and deformed.

4, dry underwear, do not put in the closet. Cover it with a fresh-keeping bag, seal it, and put it in the refrigerator. This kind of underwear is cool and dry when worn.

5. When washing underwear, the lotion must be soapy water, and the utensils are special, and the water is cold water. This is a good way to suck underwear.

6. The washing powder has strong alkalinity. If it is not cleaned, the alkaline substances remaining on the underwear will destroy the weak acid environment of the genitals, causing bacteria to breed.

7. If the washing machine is not often cleaned and disinfected, it will produce a lot of bacteria. If the underwear is washed in the washing machine together with other clothes, it will contaminate the bacteria on the washing machine and other clothes. clean. Public toilets, with many other bacteria, can easily get on panties.

8. Every time you wash your underwear, first boil it in hot water for 15 minutes, it can completely sterilize and clean it better.

9. The underwear is in close contact with special physiological parts and has special requirements for hygiene. If mixed with outer clothes, it is easy to pass pathogenic bacteria and pollution sources to the underwear. Especially socks, it is easy to carry mold, if mixed with underwear, mold will be transmitted to underwear.

10. Cross-infection is likely to occur among members of the common life because clothes are mixed in a washing machine.

11. Since the underwear is relatively close-fitting clothing, there are special washbasins or utensils, especially not for washing feet or other containers that contain more bacteria. This can easily cause bacterial infection.

12. Ultraviolet rays are a good natural disinfection system, so that the washed underwear can be exposed to the sun. If there is really no chance, it can be recommended to be treated with high temperature. Blow and let it not be tidey.

13. Xiaobian wants to remind everyone that it is not suitable to dry in the bathroom when usually drying underwear.