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How to design a text pattern for a personalized T-shirt?

Dec 31, 2019

How to design a text pattern for a personalized T-shirt?

Nowadays young people like to publicize themselves and show their own personality. The most painful thing is to hit a shirt with someone. The clothes they want to wear are always unique. So they like to customize cultural shirts and design printed text patterns. . So how to design patterns according to your own understanding?

The design of personalized custom T-shirts mainly uses some graphic editing software design, such as PS, CDR, etc. PS is bitmap design software, CDR is vector graphics editing software. These two graphic editing software are easy to learn and easy to use, but there are still some issues to pay attention to in pattern design.

When designing the content, the text theme must be clear. Make sure that the content of the central idea you express is to promote the corporate culture, or to show your own personality, or to confess love, or to express your hobbies, and know your goals To start designing.

Graphic content should be concise. The printed area of T-shirts is limited. Unlike writing on paper, which can be lengthy, generally, the number of characters printed on clothes is not more than 20 on the front and 40 on the back. If the length is too long, the printed effect will not be ideal . So the content should be as concise as possible to highlight the key points.

If you want to print the name or contact information on the T-shirt, you must choose the middle position. Generally, the font should be clear and upright, or founder, and you can also choose the advertising body or artistic font. The font size should be enlarged, and the colors should be as bright as possible. Contact information is usually placed in the most prominent position, the font size should be enlarged as much as possible, 3 to 4 numbers in the middle of the mobile phone number or QQ number should be added with spaces.

Of course, you can also add some unique patterns, such as popular expression packs on the Internet, two-dimensional anime characters, game characters, abstract three-dimensional three-dimensional pictures, etc., so that it is more vivid and interesting and more beautiful.