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How to choose the size of men's underwear?

Sep 22, 2019

How to choose the size of men's underwear?

Method 1: Choose men's underwear according to their actual situation, can choose underwear from their actual waist and hip circumference. Normally there is no uniform standard for men's underwear size. Different business size specifications will be set differently, but the basic information is the same, such as height, hip circumference and waist circumference. Men's underwear sizes are generally divided into M code, L code, XL code, XXL code, XXXL code, and so on. The relative height of buttocks is 165/90, 170/95, 175/100, 180/105, 185/110, which is a relatively simple conversion. Men's underwear sizes are also divided according to waist and hip circumference in detail. The waist and hip circumference are generally between a certain range. When choosing men's underwear, we should clearly understand their height, hip circumference and waist circumference. Even if we are not sure about the choice, we can also recommend them through the help of salesmen.

Method 2: Men usually buy underwear in several styles. With the need of demand, men's underwear is gradually diversified. Such diversification is nothing more than in terms of quality and structure of underwear. Men's underwear can be basically divided into three types, namely, four corners, triangle and T. Because of the different shapes and styles, underwear can be divided into high waist and low waist, and the waist circumference of underwear will be different. According to their own style or comfort to choose, men's underwear size standards also need to combine the type of underwear to choose their own underwear.

Method 3: In addition to their own body shape, the type of underwear and one thing is the fabric of underwear, fabric will sometimes affect the choice of men's underwear size, some materials have flexibility, even if the general type is certainly not suitable for the crowd, this depends on their actual situation and choose to buy, estimate the size of underwear to spread equally. The size is the right one.

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