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How to choose good underwear?

Dec 05, 2019

How to choose good underwear?

It has been reported that after wearing chemical fiber underwear and semi cotton semi chemical fiber underwear for 14 months, the number of sperm in men decreased. A lot of people spend a lot of energy on the choice of clothes, but they ignore the change and selection of this small piece of cloth.

Panties are in all shapes, but there are still some principles for us to refer to~

▌ color: try to choose light and solid colors

Light color and solid color underwear can make you observe the change of secretion more easily. If there is any difference, you need to see a doctor in time!

▌ all cotton material is always the preferred underwear material

Pure cotton underwear is comfortable to absorb sweat, but not easy to dry; modal and bamboo fiber have good sweat wicking effect, so you can wear underwear of different materials according to your needs, and the most important thing is to wear it comfortable - soft, hygroscopic, breathable, comfortable and sanitary. When female menstruation, still can choose to have the physiology pants that prevent leakage function.

▌ not too tight

For men, tight underwear will tightly wrap the penis and testicles, on the one hand, it will hinder the normal erection of the penis, on the other hand, it will greatly weaken the temperature regulation function of the testicles, and affect the Spermatogenesis Function of the testicles. In the choice of style, the underwear with flat angle and close fitting is a better choice for men.

For women, underwear wear too tight, easy in the vulva, anus, urethra mouth frequent friction. Long term wear tight underwear, vaginitis and other urinary and reproductive system infection risk will be greater.