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How to choose children's underwear appropriate?

Dec 20, 2019

How to choose children's underwear appropriate?

➤ appropriate wear pure cotton underwear -- wear cotton fabric underwear, not only soft close-fitting, and good permeability, easy to absorb sweat, even if it is a hot summer, also need not worry about cover heat rash.

➤ keep your underwear in the right size and tight enough to allow you to move around and reduce your baby's resistance to wearing underwear. The choice of size is decided according to the height of the baby fat thin, still have a small trick in addition: along the baby buttocks most become uptight place measure, plus 5 centimeters activity amount.

➤ choose the color of your underwear -- dark panties fade easily and contain a variety of colorants. So, underwear with light color is appropriate, especially for female baby is so, treasure mom can discover health problem in time by observing the secretion on underwear.

➤ style choice depends on the situation - briefs have briefs and flat pants, briefs are not easy to get light next to the body, which is conducive to protecting private parts, but relatively uncomfortable, and summer is easy to make thigh root long prickly heat; Boxers are loose and breathable but easy to run out of light, so their protective effect is relatively inferior. In short, each style has its pros and cons, the key is to be loose and breathable, suitable for the baby. If the baby doesn't have a specific preference, two different outfits are fine.

➤ how much to prepare - underwear should be changed frequently wash, under the age of two years of easy to wet pants, prepare the number of the better, after the age of two years to prepare 4-6 can meet the demand.