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How to choose a vest?

Dec 18, 2019

How to choose a vest?

Body shape

The vest with brunet v-neck of round plump or loose body belt decorative pattern can suit you, because can appropriate shrink your bodily form, also can divert the line of sight of others.

The girl that encircle flat model flat bosom is general shoulder is thinner, rich "bone feels beauty", the most popular cut shoulder type vest suits you very much. The position of condole belt is close to neck, neckline is opened very high, have fine drape, highlighted the curve of shoulder, let bosom have certain plump feeling, if the skin is sunburnt black, put on it to have healthy vigor more.

Waist thick waist too thick really more troublesome. You might as well try the A - shaped vest with wide bottom or the design that high waist adds A word shoulder line again, can make the shift of the line of sight slightly.

Shoulder width although shoulder width is the good shelf that dress, the hard and strong line that can inverted triangle is hard to avoid to lack feminine taste. You can change the look by opting for a high-necked, wide-shouldered vest that wraps slightly around the arm-shoulder joint.

The female of thin thin cut shoulder figure, shoulder is slipped, wear thin condole belt vest can give a person from the vision with the illusion of wide shoulder, still can appear more vigor at the same time.

Individual character style

Natural amorous feelings chooses knitting vest, it gives a person with healthy impression, deserve to go up baggy trousers to appear relaxed and comfortable.

Romantic amorous feelings can be homemade very Hawaiian style scarves or vest. Choose the large square towel with bright design, fold a triangle in half, two on the corner is pulled to neck hind tie a small knot, left and right corner is knotting in the back, become a chic neck to tie belt vest namely. Clever amorous feelings chooses small broken flower or dot design to get a part, shoulder plaits or act the role of the small vest that has lotus leaf edge, will make you more sweet and lovely.