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How often do I wear female underwear?

Dec 27, 2019

How often do I wear female underwear?

Women's underwear should be changed once no more than 2-3 days, and it is recommended to change it every day.

First, the cleaning time should not exceed 2-3 days

In life, women must develop the habit of changing their underwear frequently. Non-menstrual periods, no cohabitation every night, adult women recommend daily replacement, even if there is little secretion or conditions do not allow, at least once every 2 days, otherwise there will be odor.

It is recommended to change it every day, especially in summer, not to exceed 2-3 days. Separate from outerwear when washing and try to wash with soap as much as possible. After washing, do not directly expose to sunlight, first dry it in a cool place, and then disinfect it in the sun. Otherwise, underwear will be hard and deformed easily. In addition, it is best to place the underwear separately, use a special storage bag, or put it in a clean plastic bag to prevent dust and bacteria from affecting it and affect your health.

Second, the service life should not exceed half a year

In addition to changing the underwear frequently, it should also be eliminated regularly, because even if the underwear is properly washed and dried, the bacteria on the underwear cannot be completely killed. Therefore, under normal circumstances, underwear with high frequency, it is best to change every six months. If the underwear is deformed, the material becomes hard, and the stains cannot be washed, it must be replaced in time, otherwise it will bring hidden health risks.