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How many processes does a custom T-shirt go through?

Dec 30, 2019

How many processes does a custom T-shirt go through?

What does a custom T-shirt consist of? Next I will introduce to you the important components of custom T-shirts: T-shirt bottoms and T-shirt printing. And the quality of T-shirt customization is determined by these two aspects. Only when these two aspects meet the requirements can it be considered high-quality customized T-shirts.

So how should we choose a custom shirt? The first is the fabric of T-shirts. Most people like cotton T-shirts, but the short-sleeved cotton on the market also varies in price and quality. The first is cotton. Combed cotton is better than ordinary cotton, and then T-shirts. Count and weight, the higher the count, the better the quality, 21 cotton t-shirts are generally used in the market, there are some 26 and 32, 40 t-shirts can be counted The top is very good, and the weight we choose is slightly heavier, and the quality will be much better. The other is mercerizing treatment. Mercerized T-shirts are more comfortable to wear, especially suitable for summer. For 100% mercerized cotton T-shirts, Said that the price is relatively expensive, from these aspects we can see whether a T-shirt is of good quality.

Talking about the T-shirt itself, let's talk about printing. There are a lot of printing processes. The basic ones commonly used in the market are silk screen, thermal transfer, direct injection, embroidery, heat transfer and other processes, but most of the processes require a lot of quantity High, of which thermal transfer as a traditional process can achieve small order customization, which is currently the most on the market, and group custom printing can have more options. The type of printing process reflects the strength of this company to a certain extent.