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How do men choose underwear?

Sep 20, 2019

How do men choose underwear?

Method of selecting underwear:

1. First confirm the size

2. Choosing Styles

Men's underwear generally has triangles and corners (four corners), of course, there are other things such as T-shaped pants, thicker-legged people should not choose too tight underwear, try to choose triangle type, if you want to choose flat corners, the best side of underwear should not be too loose, otherwise it will be easy to roll up. Thin-legged people's underwear should not be too loose, slightly slim. But now the design of underwear is very reasonable, ordinary people can find their own triangle or flat-angle underwear.

3. Selection of Fabrics

Fabric is one of the key factors. If the fabric is not good, it will be uncomfortable to wear. There are pure cotton and many mixtures, such as cotton and other fabrics. Anyway, the comfort of skin contact is important. In addition to noticing the fabric on the underwear, if possible, samples must be touched by hand and felt.

4. Choice of different usage

When choosing underwear, we should combine our own actual situation, such as long-term sedentary occupation, air permeability should be put in the first place, if it is very cold, pure cotton is very good. There is also to pay attention to what occasions to wear underwear, sports, shield and breathability is very important, wear formal clothes, flat pants are better.

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