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How are women's underwear classified?

Dec 27, 2019

How are women's underwear classified?

Classification of underwear

1. Low waist type: height lower than 8cm below the navel, called low waist. Generally more sexy underwear for this style. Mid-waist type: The height is within 8cm below the navel, which is generally called the mid-waist. It is the most common specification and style in general, and its wearing characteristics are similar to the high-waist. High waist type: Those whose height is above the navel or above are called high waist. The high-waisted design is more comfortable, it also has more warmth and more fruit, and it also has better maintenance for hips.

2. Girdle shorts: they are generally common, a bit similar to mid-waisted panties, but because of different materials, they have a little restraint; short girdles, which are generally common, are somewhat similar to high-waisted panties, with adjustable belly and hip Functional effects; Seamless trousers: This trousers are more suitable for matching thin linen clothes and tight-fitting clothing; high waist short trousers, a typical trousers to thighs down to 4-6 cm below the thigh, The hips and abdomen have a better effect; the long trousers are long trousers that are 17-24 cm deep below the thigh.

It has overall adjustment function for thigh, hip and abdomen lifting, and it has the best effect for those who have sagging hips. High-waisted long trousers, this is a diamond design that is commonly used on the abdomen, and has contracted stomach protrusion The effect of the lower abdomen.