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function of modal

Mar 09, 2019

Modal fiber meets the requirements of ECO-TEX standard, is physiologically harmless and biodegradable. For textiles directly touched by the body, it has special advantages, and fine denier fibers give the knitted fabric comfortable wearability, soft feel, flowing drape, charming luster and high moisture absorption. Because of this, many warp knitting and weft knitting factories have begun to use the fibers as raw materials to produce daily wear and pajamas, sportswear and leisure wear, as well as lace. When the fabric cooperates with other close-fitting clothes, it has a special ideal effect. It can keep your skin dry and comfortable. Even after cleaning, it can still maintain a certain sense of water absorption and softness. This depends entirely on the smooth surface of the material surface, avoiding the intertwining of fibers in the process of cleaning.