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Find the right occasion to wear the right underwear

Dec 12, 2019

Find the right occasion to wear the right underwear

Go to work: wear suits or slacks (when some people wear jeans) outside of work. They are quite suitable for tailoring. It is also said that the buttocks are loose and baggy. The fit of the boxers (flat pants) or thongs will be suitable. Because the general BVD style underpants will easily show the traces of the two boxers on the buttocks. Moreover, the fit of the boxers or thongs will avoid touching the two buttocks consciously The line on the part needs time because of conscious reaction, which makes people feel elegant

Leisure: leisure can be divided into two states: completely relax at home, and then go out to enjoy the life at home. New good men are not allowed to think about just a pair of loose flat pants to let the baby in the pants shake freely. It's good for health. Like to run out easily and wear a pair of T-shaped underpants. All kinds of underpants reduce the amount of activity and rub the sexual organs. It's comfortable for people to walk

Sports: basically, you can wear underpants for sports, so you can choose a kind of sports shorts with good air permeability or similar to those made of swimsuits. Only by wearing them can the friction between thighs, crotch and sexual organs be reduced to a low level. If you really want to wear underpants, you need to wear special athletes to design and cut sports underwear. The sexual organs of underpants are supported by three-dimensional triangular cup, then they are each elastic Hips

Business trip: know that when you travel on a business trip, you can share your bedroom with your colleagues or friends to pick up some flirtatious or easily reveal your character, color and underpants, so as to avoid the embarrassment of white type underpants or the loss of paper or cotton underpants after use

Sleeping: you can sleep naked or get used to sleeping naked. You can choose to live a group life or get used to sleeping naked. Four corner underwear or flat pants are ideal choices. It's also wrong to consider that there are mesh design shorts inside the sports type

Thong or cutting material special interest underwear will double the visual effect, although everyone has a strong body, and before sex, they wear sexy underwear to flirt with each other. It seems that they can add less points in foreplay