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Development of underwear

Dec 10, 2019

Development of underwear

Triangle underwear (nylon)

Prehistoric men used girdles. Archaeologists found fragments of animal skin girdles 7000 years ago. They speculated that the shape of girdles was similar to baby diapers. The ancient Greeks also used girdles. Historians suspect that only slaves wore them, and that the citizens' Kaitong shirts seemed to be naked. Ancient Romans wanted to diversify. Some wore long underpants and some wore wrapped belts.

Thirteenth Century

Braies showed up. Braies is a Saxon term for baggy panties, knee length, made of linen, with a cord at the waist to fasten them, worn by kings and farmers alike. By the time of the Renaissance, the panties had become shorter and the front had been opened so that men would not have to take off their panties when urinating. The pleated placket is either buttoned or pulled tightly with rope, becoming the prototype of modern men's pants. At that time, the man didn't wear overalls, but put the tights over the underpants and fixed them with garters, so Henry VIII padded the crotch of the underpants. Historians speculate that he may have hidden a bandage soaked with liquid medicine in his crotch to relieve the pain of syphilis. Many men use the front of their panties as a convenient pocket to hold medicine and money for treating venereal diseases.

Tudor Era

Men's underpants became stable and simple, reaching to the knee, with buttons on the front, and the fabric began to use cotton and silk besides linen. It gradually evolved into a panty, which developed into ankle tight panties. In the 19th century, boxer John Sullivan loved to wear leggings to fight, so they were called "John".


Jockey sold the world's first briefs in Chicago with Y-shaped front stitches. The triangle underpants let the man's leg exposed area reach the limit, and the clothing historian thinks its significance is equal to that of the bra. In three months, 30 thousand triangle underpants were sold in the United States, and jockey company produced the "masculine" series urgently, which were sent to stores all over the United States by plane. Since then, the competition between boxer shorts and briefs has begun, with both sides claiming that they are healthier and more comfortable to wear. During this period, the word "underpants" was included in the dictionary.

After the end of World War II

Men's underpants have colors and patterns, rayon, polyester, Lycra and other new fabrics increase the tightness and elasticity of underpants, and the style of briefs is more simple. Skinny jeans were popular in Britain in the 1970s, and briefs beat boxers for a while.


Levi's jeans set off a whirlwind of boxing underpants. British model and pop star Nick Kamen shot the brand's most famous ad for Levi's 501 Jeans. In the laundry, Nick sat in front of the washing machine in his underwear, but he didn't wear the White Cotton Boxer underwear with the Y-shape. Women who have been agitated buy back dozens of boxer underpants. It seems that when their men put on boxer underpants, they become lovely Nick. Paul Smith and other new designers also began to design boxing underpants, of course, his underpants with Rainbow Stripes. Like Smith's coat, boxer underpants become yuppie's wardrobe; while the man in briefs is always the mother's good son. Look at the briefs with Y-shaped suture, which are more like baby diapers! The fashion of underpants made men have an attitude towards this small dress for the first time. At first, men's underpants only highlighted the publicity of practicality and health. The fashion industry and gay men gave men's underwear market a variety of colorful, more t-pants, low waisted briefs and other repudiated styles.


Kate Moss, along with rock star March mark, shot a critically criticized underwear ad for Calvin Klein. Marcy mark is naked and hugs moss in a pair of underpants. The elastic edge of his white underpants is exposed outside the waist of his jeans, and the brand logo is clearly visible. In 2008, ultra short boxer tights were the most popular, with legs only 25cm longer than that of the jean Borg underwear.

Twenty-first Century

In 1999, Mr. Kang Jiaming, inventor of Taiwan king style patent pouch underpants, was dissatisfied with the lack of improvement of traditional men's underpants due to the long-term infertility caused by underpants, so he designed the ventilation, ventilation and comfort of men's underpants based on the characteristics of men's physiological structure. The design of underpants not only has a special scrotal bag, which makes the scrotum ventilate and keep dry, but also avoids the friction and extrusion between the scrotum and the thigh. Its unique positioning of the two basic types of penis upward and downward. The men's scrotum and penis are placed separately, and the penis erection can also be positioned in a homeopathic way. The three openings are not only ventilated and dry, but also super convenient for urination. In the past, the design of men's underpants only focused on the design of color and cloth, but ignored the design of men's physiological characteristics.