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Choice of men's underwear style

Dec 25, 2019

Choice of men's underwear style:

Generally speaking, it is briefs and boxers. The three-legged pants are slender and tight, and the boxers are loose. Basically, it is suitable for all kinds of people. It is mainly a matter of personal preference, but fat people are best to be boxer because the tightness is not good for the body Good, and when sweating a lot, briefs are prone to moss on the legs.

Bullet pants, used to be seen more often in briefs, now it seems that there are also boxers, mainly a small pocket with a protrusion on the front end, there is a place for the little guy to put loose, and more tangible.

Of course, besides women, many men also like thongs. Don't look at your serious BOSS. Maybe the trousers are stuffy little T. The thongs are very breathable and don't leave marks on the body. I tried it once and wore it Shopping, walking, dangling, as if not wearing.

In addition, there are sexy underwear, this Taobao to find fun, it is not uncommon here, or just wear Durex.