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Children's underwear, should choose cotton or modal

Dec 20, 2019

Children's underwear, should choose cotton or modal

Cotton is fine.

1, the baby's skin is very delicate, because the underwear is a close-fitting clothes, the mother must be careful when buying.

2. Experienced mothers know that texture is a primary consideration when buying baby underwear. It must be made of cotton fabric with good sweat absorption, breathability and comfort. I recommend using cotton. Cotton is soft and absorbs moisture quickly. It is always suitable for baby underwear. However, cotton underwear does not dry easily. If summer sweats and wet underwear, expectant mothers must change clean underwear as soon as possible to prevent the baby from getting cold.

3. In addition, if it is delicate baby underwear, pay attention to the physical characteristics of the baby when designing to avoid accidents such as accidental eating of the baby. After buying baby underwear, it is best to cut off the threads, collars, watermarks, etc. on the underwear to prevent these hard objects from scratching the baby's skin and causing discomfort.

4. Buddy Belle is a high-end brand of children's health underwear, which originated from the cute Buddy rabbit and Belle rabbit. It contains the beautiful meaning of health, happiness and growth, and it also covers the love of Bauma for children. The brand is located in Shantou, the hometown of underwear, and has invested heavily in quality inspection costs. Inspection and control from the source to ensure that the product is healthy and green, and to ensure that the product is skin-friendly, comfortable and healthy.